I began fiending for music as a little kid. Collecting records from the age of 8. The first single I bought was 'Ghost Town' by The Specials. I grew up heavily influenced by Stax, Motown, Grandmaster Flash, N.W.A, De La Soul, Prince, Michael Jackson, English Punk, and Ska. I worked in a record store in my hometown of Nottingham, U.K. during the day, and was DJing at night. A founding member of the BWPT sound system back in 1993, I DJ'd at various clubs and raves throughout the UK playing house and techno. I studied Music Management in Manchester with all-star collegemates Jenna G (www.jennag.net) and Marcus Intalex (facebook.com/marcusinta). I taught DJing to women of ethnic minorities as part of the Manchester International Arts festival. I later created Yakima Records; a house and techno label in 2000 to showcase the great works of Laszlo Beckett, Spandex (Matt Southall), and Cesar Goncalves (popyourfunk.com). Yakima was in the top ten playlists of world famous DJs such as Derrick Carter, Carl Craig, and Francois K.

I also worked for Ben Sims' (djbensims.com) many record labels in London. I had grown tired of playing just one arena of dance music and started building my other repertoires. I took a break from DJing to do music management in America from 2002 to 2008 and later settled in Atlanta, USA in 2011. Over the past 10 years I have been collecting and building my jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop, house and soul collections and have been producing and selling professional mixes showcased on Mixcloud; www.mixcloud.com/djyayasoiree

What sets me apart from your average DJ? My ears are always open. I welcome, study and listen to ALL genres of music.

And unless for some reason the client requires otherwise, I play vinyl on two turntables; the old fashioned way. Why? Because it sounds WAY better, and it's always more fun for the crowd to see what you're doing, and get into it.


I have played for crowds as little your grandma's BBQ, and as big as the Final Four Big Dance 2013 at Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, USA.